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Understanding Eligibility, Asset Protection & Elder Law

Are you worried about the high costs of long-term care or concerned about losing your hard-earned assets to nursing home bills? If so, you’re not alone.

Many New York families face these challenges, but with the help of the NY Medicaid planning attorney at the Katz Law Firm, you can find peace of mind and protect your financial future.

What is Medicaid and Eligibility in New York

New York Medicaid is a joint federal and state program that provides health insurance coverage to the elderly, disabled, or low-income individuals and families.

It covers many health care services, including doctor visits, hospital stays, preventive care, and long-term care services like nursing home care and home health care.

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible for Medicaid benefits, applicants must meet specific financial and non-financial criteria, which vary depending on factors like age, disability status, and the particular Medicaid program they are applying for.

Qualifying for Medicaid in our state isn’t easy with its strict financial and non-financial requirements.

To be eligible, you must meet certain income and asset limits that vary depending on whether you’re applying for Institutional Medicaid (for nursing home care) or Community Medicaid (for home care and other services).

Some key points to understand:

  • New York has a 5-year “lookback period for Medicaid eligibility, meaning any asset transfers made within five years of applying may be subject to penalties.
  • If you’re married, spousal impoverishment rules can help protect some of your assets for the “community spouse” (the spouse not receiving Medicaid).
  • Qualifying for Medicaid doesn’t mean you have to be penniless – with proper planning, you can often preserve significant assets while still becoming eligible.

Despite what you may have heard, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to Medicaid planning.

Every situation is unique, so you should consult an experienced NY Medicaid planning lawyer who can guide you through the process and help you avoid costly mistakes.

Medicaid Planning Strategies to Protect Your Assets

One of the biggest concerns for many families is the fear of losing everything they’ve worked for to pay for long-term care.

Fortunately, advanced Medicaid planning can help you shield your assets from the Medicaid “spend-down” process by implementing the following strategies below.

Medicaid Asset Protection Trusts

Creating and transferring assets into an irrevocable trust protects the property from Medicaid eligibility workers, counting them after the 5-year lookback period has passed. This legal instrument can be a powerful tool for preserving your wealth for your loved ones.

Spending Down Assets

Another option is to strategically “spend down” your countable assets by using them to pay off debts, purchase exempt resources (like a car or home improvements), or pay for care services. The key here is to do it in a way that complies with Medicaid rules and avoids triggering penalties.

Spousal Refusal

In some cases, a healthy spouse may choose to decline to support their ill spouse, allowing the ill spouse to qualify for Medicaid while preserving more of the couple’s marital assets. This maneuver is complex, but the Katz Law Firm can help you accomplish it.

Caregiver Agreements

If a family member is already providing you care, a formal caregiver agreement can allow you to compensate the person for his or her services, effectively “spending down” your countable assets in a way that benefits your loved one.

It’s important to remember that improper “Medicaid spend-down” usually results in harsh penalties and even disqualification from benefits.

A knowledgeable NY Medicaid planning law firm helps you plan ahead and avoid costly mistakes.

The NY Medicaid Application Process

You must comply with strict documentation requirements and tight deadlines when applying for Medicaid in New York.

  • You’ll need to provide five years’ worth of financial records, including bank statements, tax returns, and asset documentation.
  • If you’re applying for nursing home care, you’ll need to undergo a medical evaluation and functional assessment to determine your level of care needs.
  • The application review process can take several months, so it’s important to start planning well in advance.

The Katz Law Firm can be an invaluable ally during the application process. We help you gather the necessary documents, prepare a strong application, and advocate on your behalf if any issues arise.

Crisis Medicaid Planning for Urgent Nursing Home Care

Sometimes, the need for nursing home care arises unexpectedly, leaving families scrambling to find a way to pay for it.

In these “crisis” situations, there are still options available to help you qualify for Medicaid more quickly, such as:

Promissory Note Strategies

By using promissory notes to convert countable assets into an income stream, you may be able to accelerate your Medicaid eligibility while still preserving some of your wealth.

Spousal Transfers and Spousal Refusal

Transferring assets between spouses or having the healthy spouse decline to support the ill spouse can be effective crisis planning strategies. Still, you must do it carefully to avoid running afoul of Medicaid rules.

It’s important to understand that crisis Medicaid planning has limitations and risks. The sooner you start planning, the more options you’ll have to protect your assets and secure the care you need.

Medicaid Planning Attorneys and Healthcare Coordinating

Doing your estate planning sessions, the Katz Law Firm addresses complex long-term healthcare issues by:

  • Helping you understand your healthcare provider options and choose the best path forward.
  • Coordinating with healthcare providers, social workers, and other professionals in crisis situations.
  • Ensuring that the healthcare plan you choose aligns with your Medicaid eligibility strategy.
  • Advocating for your rights when applications are denied and assisting with accessing the immediate services you need.

Remember, Medicaid planning isn’t just about protecting your assets. It’s also about guaranteeing you’ll receive the highest quality healthcare possible.

Can You Take My Case?

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Why Personalized Medicaid Planning Advice is Important

No two families are exactly alike, and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to Medicaid planning.

That’s why the Katz Law Firm takes the time to understand your unique situation and goals before starting your estate planning sessions.

Some factors that can impact your Medicaid planning strategy include:

  • Your age and health status.
  • Your marital status and family dynamics.
  • Your income, assets, and financial resources.
  • Your preferences for care (in-home care, assisted living, nursing home care).

Working closely with our Medicaid planning lawyers ensures your arrangement encompasses your specific needs and objectives.

Don’t settle for generic advice from a general practice attorney or cookie-cutter solutions found on the Internet – your future is too important.

What You Need to Know About Medicaid Planning and Estate Recovery

Even after you’ve qualified for Medicaid and received the care you need, there’s one more issue you should be aware of – Medicaid estate recovery.

Federal law requires states to seek reimbursement for certain Medicaid expenses from the estates of deceased beneficiaries.

Impacts Your Family’s Inheritance

In other words, Medicaid may try to recoup some of the money it spent on your care after your death by making a claim against your heirs’ inheritances.

Restitution can include liens on assets like your home, bank accounts, and investments.

Lawyers Keep the Government From Taking Your Legacy

With proper Medicaid planning, your elder law attorney can minimize or even eliminate the impact of estate recovery on your loved ones.

Strategies like transferring assets to a Medicaid Asset Protection Trust or using a life estate deed can help shield your property from government recovery while still allowing you to qualify for benefits.

Your New York Medicaid Planning Attorney’s Ongoing Role

Qualifying for Medicaid is rarely a one-and-done process. As your circumstances change over time, it’s necessary to have a trusted New York Medicaid planning attorney help you adapt and comply with the program’s rules.

Some situations where you may need ongoing legal guidance include:

  • Annual Medicaid recertification and renewal.
  • Changes in your income, assets, or living situation.
  • Transitions between different types of care (in-home care, assisted living, nursing home).
  • Updates to Medicaid laws, regulations, and eligibility criteria.

You can ensure that your Medicaid plan stays on track and continues to meet your needs by maintaining a relationship with your estate planning attorney over time.

And remember, with the proper legal guidance and support, you’ll always be one step ahead of the government.

How Our New York Medicaid Attorneys Can Help You

Working with the Katz Law Firm can help you calm your mind during stressful and confusing estate planning.

Our law firm can help you:

  • Understand your eligibility for Medicaid and other benefits.
  • Create a customized plan to protect your assets and qualify for coverage.
  • Work through the complex Medicaid application process.
  • Advocate for your rights and help you access the care you need.

Get Guidance from a Trusted NY Medicaid Planning Lawyer

The Katz Law Firm helps New York families secure long-term care for their loved ones.

With our guidance, you’ll confidently approach the Medicaid planning process and get the care you need as time passes or when a crisis strikes.

Contact us today to schedule a confidential consultation and learn how to protect your assets, access quality care, and secure your financial future.

You’ll rest easier knowing your and/or your family’s legal and healthcare needs are in good hands.

Adam Katz has been nothing but great from the moment I contacted him. He keeps me updated and informed of the details regarding my case. He is extremely knowledgeable, resourceful, and compassionate. Attorney Katz and his staff are working diligently on my behalf. I highly recommend this firm!

Rickey L.

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